Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yet Another Sewing Room Re-Do

I was going to call this post something like "Sewing Room - Take Two," but then I realized that this isn't really the second time I've changed things in my sewing space. It seems like I'm always changing something around down there, right? Like my first favorite hobby is sewing, and my second must be re-arranging my sewing space!

This picture right here is my sewing space sometime last year. Several things have left the building since this shot, including the mangle iron there on the left. Following along with my "Use it or lose it!" mantra, I got rid of the mangle because I never used it.

Also gone is the desk I used regularly for sewing in the back there - the one with the BERNINA 580 on it. Unfortunately, this basement regularly gets small amounts of water in the form of trickles each time we get a heavy rain. The window there by the white bookshelf regularly leaks, and some of my books got a bit water-logged. And, a small pool of water formed by the desk last month - enough to make the pressboard swell, completely ruining the desk.

The water also caused some minor damage to some of my other furniture, but nothing serious. I repaired some swelled spots with wood glue and clamps, then added some feet to a few things to get the furniture off the floor in case of future water trickle incidents.

This is the sewing room now, all clean as I just finished cleaning up after last month's water incident - and ready to go!

I thrifted a shelf that replaced the spot where the mangle iron used to sit. I actually think this was a headboard, which was pretty awesome because the day I shopped all bed furniture was on sale at the thrift store, so I got this for $15. Painted it white to try and brighten up the dankness of the basement.

Finally, one place to store my iron collection.

And my fashion resource books.

I moved the industrial vintage Singer to the spot where that sewing desk used to sit. All the books in the corner are crafting, needlepoint, historical reference, and a collection of sewing magazines. I actually tossed several magazines that got water logged in last month's incident, but I probably had too many to begin with! The books behind the sewing machine are all how-to-sew books.

And I consolidated my buttons into the hardware organizer on the wall, which freed up some of the notions shelf space.

This table and chair set was in my parent's kitchen in the early 1980's - which makes it vintage! With the exception of that Ikea kitchen island that I use as a cutting table, every piece of furniture down here is used, either gifted or thrifted. I use this table for sewing on with various machines now in place of the desk. Or for reading, or crafting with Fidget.

And next to the table is the bookshelf that previously was under the sometimes leaky window. It holds all my quilting books and more fashion/historical reference books. I swear to you that I've actually been culling the heard and cutting down on my book collection, but it still seems like I have lots and lots.

I am so ready to start working in the sewing room again! I've actually been sewing upstairs on the library desk for the last several weeks. The light has been fantastic, but it feels like I can't ever leave a mess there since it's right in the middle of our family shared space. Plus Fidget uses the library table to draw/craft on, and she's ready to get back to it. So I'm off to move back in to my sewing space!


Nanna said...

love your space! I'm in the middle of moving & my new sewing room is 3x bigger & I can't decide how to decorate it lol!but my sewing room is my happy place!hopefully
I'll get it pulled together in time for the where bloggers create linky party, glad you've got the water damage under control, water damage is not fun!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What about putting a washable rag rug under that window, to collect the drips. When it gets wet, wash and dry it, and put it back. It might collect enough of the water to keep anything else from getting wet.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hi Nanna, thanks for your nice comments! Oh, I love setting up a new sewing space - have fun making your new sewing space just the way you like it. ~ Erika

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hey there Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting! That's a great idea - but I've since moved everything but a chair away from that window. It's just easier that way for now. No muss, no fuss. ;-) ~ Erika

✄ Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy ✄ said...

Okay, so now that you're done over there, come'on over, I've got a hot mess of a basement I need help with *wink*. The same water issues seem to plague our basement, too, and now we're down to studs and most of my space is in a shambles. It's a major bummer!

I'm loving your space. It was fab before, but even better now. So bright and airy! Mine'll get there, yours is inspirational!

(as I write we receive yet another torrential downpour in Chicago...lucky us, eh? hope you stay dry this time! xo)

Annie said...

You think a 1980s table and chair set is vintage??? Oh, my, you must be very young! Oh, well. I'm drooling over your spacious studio space. Mine is probably less than half the size. I wonder what ever happened to my mother's mangle iron? She ironed all sorts of things on it!

HollyC said...

I love your sewing basement! I have a sewing room over the garage and it gets hot! You have now inspired me to clean up my sewing room. It seems like I never have enough hours in the day to clean up the mess that accumulates in the room, but seeing your room all nice and spiffy inspires me. Great job!