Singer 221 Centennial

I just got my hands on another Featherweight, a 1951 Centennial! It was a machine that belonged to a family member of a friend, and no one in the family really wanted to keep it. I heard about it through the grapevine and this baby became an early birthday present for me.

The machine has definitely been used, it has tell-tale wear marks and scratches on the bed and some other areas. But it's also super clean on the inside and out. And to tell you the truth, I didn't even notice that it was a Centennial badged machine until I was cleaning her up last night.

It just needed a bit of dusting and oiling, and does work pretty well! I can't get over how SHINY she is. Wherever the previous owner took her for servicing must have waxed the machines as part of the spa treatment. Even with the light scratching and wear, the decals are in great shape.

As good as she looks, she needs a new belt, bulb, and new cords for the plug and pedal before I can get to work with her.

Oh, and bonus! Inside the super-clean case for this baby was the original oil can. I've never seen one before in real life.

A really sweet machine, and I can't wait to sew with her!


Wahooo Erika! She is gorgeous!! Have a blast with it, those decals are gorgeous!
You'll love your Featherweight. I got mine for a belated Christmas, early Birthday present last January. I've made several pursed with it, along with quilt projects. Mine is purple (was repainted before I got it).

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