Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Button Organization Ideas

I've learned some great tips about button storage from all of you since posting about my out of control button stash! Thanks to y'all, I'm well on my way to getting my buttons organized and in order. Here are my favorite storage tips that you shared:

Jars with lids, like mason jars or canning jars are by far the most popular way of storing buttons. They have nice wide openings, secure lids, are clear so you can see what's inside, and they are readily available. So, if you start using canning jars and need a few more as you button stash grows, it's pretty likely that you can easily buy more at the supermarket or hardware store nearest you. You can even get creative with your jar storage for buttons, like this rack of jars made with hose clamps from WeepingCherries:

Or this clever three tiered holder turned button jar organizer from Pinterest:

And this age-old idea of attaching lids to a shelf to create out-of-the way storage:

Now this idea was totally new to me, but this has become my new favorite button storage method; using cards to organize buttons. Especially since I found some AWESOME freebie printable cards to use, read on down for the links!
I used this method for all of my fragile buttons. It keeps them from possible damage by clanking together inside a box or jar. It also helps keep them organized, since now all of the same buttons are stored together on one card.
Buttons that I love, but that I only had a few of also fit great on cards, and are now easier to find! Yay! 

These are scrapbooking printables, but they work perfectly for storing buttons. I printed each on a sheet of heavy card stock, cut them out, and used heavy button cord to attache the buttons. Here are the links to FREE printables that I used:

Button Card Valentines from A Field Journal. Use page 2 of the downloadable PDF, those are the blank cards.

Vintage Button Cards from The Making Spot. These are probably my favorite!

Actually, you could use virtually any card shaped free scrapbooking printable, and there are TONS of them out there, all you have to do is look. I've noticed a lot of free printables pinned at pinterest lately, too! Have fun organizing those buttons!


Kim Stewart said...

Great ideas here!!

eye_on_sparrow said...

Thanks for the links to the great button cards. I do need to organize my many buttons. My favorite are the clear jars because I just love looking through piles of buttons. Very comforting.

Wendy said...

I love those button cards! I also use jars for my vast button collection. Some are great old mason jars, but I also repurpose spaghetti sauce jars and love the square shape of the house brand jam jars from Dominick's. Because they take up a large shelf and it's easy to lose sight of what is in the back, I bought a tiered plastic organizer in the XL or jumbo size from The Container Store. Two of them side by side cover the entire shelf and each step is wide enough to house a large mason jar.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Wendy for the great tip about the tiered organizer and jars! Awesome idea!