Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's ALIVE! The Saved Singer 66

The Singer 66 that my husband saved from the trash has been soaking in lubricant overnight, and it finally loosened up enough for me to test it out.

And she sews! Remarkably well for how rusty the whole thing is, including the thread tension assembly. Now that I know she works, I can take my time cleaning her up.

In fact, I have big plans for this girl, she's my new summer project! She's pretty dinged up, so I plan a custom paint job, something bright. And I think she's going to be very social, so she'll be another portable hand crank to be able to sew on the go. Right now I'm excited that it works, and I'm headed straight back to cleaning. I'll keep you posted on my new summer project!

Oh, and if we're keeping count, this is now sewing machine #19 for me - but as long as I'm staying under 20 I'm doing pretty good. Happy stitching!


Michelle said...

yay!!! Good for you! What part of the sewing machine did you soak, or did you do the 'total submersion', like they baptize the Baptists?

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hi Michelle - I set the machine in a big foil pan and doused it with WD-40. I used an old toothbrush and soft cloths to scrub off as much dirt and rust as I could, and it worked pretty good!

smazoochie said...

I am eager to see the Phoenix that this saved Singer becomes!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thanks Smazoochie!