Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guilty as charged.

So. Remember when I was recently blabbing about simplifying my sewing by only concentrating on ONE project at a time? Yeah. I remember saying that, too. Something happened, something went terribly wrong...and I'm suddenly swamped with half-finished projects! I've become surrounded by UFO's!

My cutting table is FULL of half-done projects. Here is the evidence:

A. The parts and stuff that go to the recycled, repurposed and repainted Singer 66 sewing machine. I finally found a wooden base for the machine, and I'm having the hardware inserted into the base to hold the machine. I still have to seal the base with some sort of finish coat and then add the hardware before this project can be done.

B. A hexagon quilt started back in February. I really need to finish this!

C.  I bought more fabric. Don't ask me why - I don't even know what I'm going to do with it. But I love it. I LOVE IT! Okay, really I just need to put this away with the other stashed fabrics. ;-)

D. A small bag I started last year. It just needs some sort of clasp on the flap to hold it closed before I can use it. Should be an easy finish - phew!

E. Half-square triangles cut for a charity quilt top. Will start on this when I'm done with B, D, and F.

F. My current creative project, a little landscape. I finished the top part...

...and I'm currently planning and piecing the bottom part. Hope to be all finished in about a week. Fingers crossed for getting this one done soon.

And you know what? I have two baby quilts to start on - you know, as soon as I get caught up!


Emily said...

lol this is what my stuff looks like all the time...100 things all half done...I just made a list of what i would like to finish soon and it is a little scary to think that I have so much stuff going!!!!! Good luck on finishing all your WIPS :)

Miss Sews-it-all said...

See? I'm not alone! Thanks Emily - and good luck to you with your UFO's, too!