Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello September!

The entire month of August was awful, it was like the month of standing still - nothing seemed to move forward. I was stuck on my latest project, we still couldn't get the Meteor to run right, and we spent most of the month fixing up my husband's house after renting it for the past three years to get it ready to sell.

But all that seemed to change once September rolled in. Remember the new project I'm working on - the one that was kicking my ass? I finally found a piecing method that is working for me, and my points and seams are finally lining up - so now I can move forward to finish this quilt top. Which I'm really excited about, because it is already looking fanfreakingtastic!

And, the Meteor is back up and running after what seemed like an eternity! Turns out she needed an entirely new distributor, and we had only replaced the cap. So, I was finally able to take the Meteor to a car show over the weekend, and it was freaking awesome! She still needs work, but she's ship-shape for short drives around town. This fall we'll work on rebuilding the motor, replacing the scratched-up windshield, and taking care of the ripping upholstery. I hope to keep driving her for years to come, I love this Meteor!

After weeks in August of pulling weeds, trimming bushes and trees, scrubbing, painting, and re-carpeting, my husband's old house is finally on the market. This was his bachelor pad when we met, and although it was where we lived when we were married, it's never really been our family home. More like his house that we lived for a few years. But, I digress...because as soon as this puppy sells, we get to start planning for our REAL family home!

AND! There's another "new" vintage sewing machine project in the works, too! This Sews-it-all machine was something that came through a friend. It was pretty trashed out, but I got it working and gave it a custom paint job.

The Sews-it-all machine
The Sews-it-all is an antique 1901 Singer model 15, and it's so old that there's no motor mount on it. I had customized this machine to sew as a hand-crank, but it doesn't work that well, as we just attached a crank to a spare clutch nut instead of using the classic hand-crank attachment made to fit on a motor mount. So, I had planned on starting to look for a treadle base for this machine later this fall.

Can you believe that I stumbled into the perfect treadle base at Goodwill a few weeks ago?

Sweet score! My plan is to modify this treadle base to be more portable; to remove the drawers, cut down the top, and make it easy to attach/remove the wooden top from the base. Then I can disassemble the whole thing, take it on the road, and treadle away at retreats. Or just set up to sew outside for a weekend. The cast iron is in GREAT shape on this base, but the wood is really scratched up and has some surface damage to the finish.

And, not like I needed it, but the treadle had an old Singer 66 in it. Missing pieces, of course. It's a 1924 Red Eye, and I already have one Red Eye in a funky heavy-as-shit treadle in storage, and a custom painted Red Eye hand crank. Not sure what will become of this little 66, but for now it will be safe and sound on my sewing machine storage shelves.


And what kind of projects do YOU have in process this fine September?


Andres said...

nice paint job!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

How did you paint your machine? Where did you get the decals? I have a machine (or two) that are missing most of their paint, and could use a paint job.