Bright Baby Bibs Article!

An advanced copy of the spring Through The Needle issue #33 arrived in my mailbox today and includes my Bright Baby Bibs project! I almost forgot about the article since I sent it in months ago, so it was a VERY pleasant suprise (at a time when I really needed a little good news).

I made a whole batch of these bibs when my little one was born, and I'm still using them over a year later. I got so tired of dull pastel bibs that didn't really absorb well - so I paired bright toweling with cotton prints to make absorbent AND cute bibs! The pattern is included right in the article with all the instructions.

You can find Through The Needle magazine at most Bernina stores, and maybe at some Hancock fabrics stores, too.

I'm right in the middle of a week filled with work, playdates, and family activities, so no sewing time for me until the weekend. I've got a gift to sew up and I'm planning on sewing some green re-usable swiffer-covers, too. Can't wait to get sewing!


Secret Mommy said…
LOVE the idea of reusable swiffer covers!!!!!!!!!!!
Angela Nash said…
Those bibs are so cute!
Thimbleanna said…
Those are ADORABLE!!!! Where did you get those cute, bright toweling prints? They seem to be hard to find around here. Cute, cute, cute!!!
Erika Mulvenna said…
Thimbleanna, those were printed kitchen towel sets from Target! You can also check anywhere that kitchen stuff is sold for bright, cheery towel sets.

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