Fabric Flower Tutorial NOW AVAILABLE

Download the Fabric Flower Tutorial PDF here!

The 5 page tutorial is fully illustrated with how-to photographs for you to follow along. This tutorial is intended for what I'd call an advance beginner, someone who already knows some hand sewing basics. If you haven't yet learned how to hand sew, or still consider yourself a beginner, I am determined to make you more confident in your abilities, because I know you can do it! Read on!

While teaching this project at the Chicago Craft Social, I realized that I had made one terrible mistake. Yes, I did. I assumed that everyone who would sit and stitch with me would already have at least some basic hand sewing skills. My bad! A few people didn't know the first thing  about hand sewing, or had only tried it a few times ever. Wow!

So be prepared to get schooled on Hand Sewing basics through a series of posts; from the subjects of needles and thread to the most basic stitches. It will be enought to make you want to pick up a needle & thread and start stitching. You might even want to tackle a Fabric Scrap Flower!

Find the post on Hand Sewing Needles right here!
Find the basic hand-sewing primer over here!


Kimberly said…
Yay! I'm so excited about making these flowers -- I've just purchased the tutorial. Thank you so much for making it available.

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