A Slight Distraction (T-shirts, recycling and scarves - oh my!)

Did you see this super-awesome T-Shirt Memory Scarf project posted at the Craftzine.com blog? I saw it a few weeks ago, and I've been thinking obsessing about making one ever since! And yes, I really should be spending my time finishing up those last class samples. Or working. Or doing the laundry. But seriously, I just needed to make this project!

I followed the directions, and Rachel wasn't kidding when she wrote that this is a big and unruly scarf, it's three yards long!

Which is the perfect length to wrap around yourself a couple of times and still have plenty of scarf left over to tie up.

I am in love with this scarf, it is so cozy, soft, and cuddly! I have worn it non-stop for the past two days, even to the chagrin of my husband who thinks I'm nuts for wearing a scarf in the house. Love! It! The only thing I did outside of Rachel's directions was to stitch a zig-zag border around each square to help hold it together - and I really like how it looks.

Best part of this project is being able to see these tees instead of having them take up space on my shelves. A few of my very favorite tees in the scarf include this guy. I can't even remember where I got this tee, but who doesn't love a slice of happy toast?

And this commemorative tee celebrating the last coming of the 17 year cicadas:

And yes, the smoking nun.

Did I mention that I love this project?



Anonymous said…
I remember some of those tees! :)
Mary Keenan said…
I love those tees!! You know, if you have any more like that in your stash you could totally stitch them onto a new tee, or even a dress ;^)
Karen said…
....adorable! Nice work!
*Staci* said…
This is awesome I need to find that post. I have been saving my tees for something and this is the perfect project. :)
Donna said…
This is great. Maybe now I can stop making envelope purses and move on to a new obsession! Thanks for the link to the original post as well as the pix of your scarf. Nice!
C said…
This turned out great!
Whimsy said…
That is ADORABLE. So very cute. And now I'm going to have to add something like it to my list of to do's.... I think I'd like to ask Santa for more time before Christmas. Can he do that?

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