Project Progress

I've been working on my new project the past two weeks, which I really have to find a name for. I don't know what else to call it, so I'm just goingn to refer to it as Midwestern Landscape #1. I decided to completely re-sketch the pattern since my first attempt was all muddled from my constant erasing and redrawing. Here is a little preview of my sketch, almost finished:

And I started dying the fabrics.

These are four slightly different shades of mottled blue that I am giong to cut into and start stitching up next week. And the brownish-khaki-ish fabric has been dyed once, overdyed, and is going through one more dye bath before being complete. I still have a small handful of other colors to dye up for this project, but this is enough to start sewing the project together.

And, as usual, I am freaking out about putting it all together. Sometimes when I start a project and it isn't coming together the way that I pictured in my head, well, I get dissapointed and give up. Yikes. I am taking the attitude that this is a learning experience (since I haven't done this kind of creating in years) and am determined to see it through to the end. Even if it doesn't quite meet my expectations! Stay tuned for more updates - good or bad!


Hi Erika, Thank you! I am so excited about winning the pattern and fabric. I will be sewing it up for sure. I sent you my addy by email. Again, thank you.

The project you are doing is very interesting. I am so impressed by the fabric you dyed. It is lovely. I can't wait to see the project finished. Have a great day. Karen
Joanna said…
I haven't tried dying fabric but I do love the way yours is coming out. Congrats to Karen.

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