Heart Pin How-to

I got the idea to whip up some of these adorable little heart and button pins last night - they are for friends and family to wear this Friday for National Wear Red Day. These are little 2" heart yo-yo's with a button or two added and a safety pin stitched to the back.

I definitely want to share this craft, but since there's no time for a proper tutorial, this quick how-to will have to do. Hope it is enought to get you started to making some of your own!

Make a pattern for the heart - start with a 4" x 4 3/4" rectangle.

Fold it in half, long edges together.

Draw half of a heart shape by first making a half-circle to knock off the top corners and then adding a long line on the unfolded edge from the edge of the half circle to the point of the paper.

With the paper still folded, cut out the half heart. This is now your paper pattern for the fabric heart yo-yo.

Cut out a fabric heart, and stitch it up like a raw-edged yo-yo. Stitch about 1/4" from the cut edge all around the heart, and then draw up the stitches tight. Secure the thread.

Turn the heart yo-yo to the back and work the fabric until it looks like a heart.

Sew a button or two to the front.

Cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than the heart. Cut two slits in the felt to slide a safety pin through as a pin-back.

Stitch the felt to the back of the heart.



Lois said…
lovely! Thank you :)

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