Use It Or Lose It: 1919 Singer 128

I haven't really sewn on this sweet little machine for at least 5 years. This is a 1919 Singer 128 with La Vencedora decals. This machine came to me through family, and the story is that the original owner worked with this machine making alterations in a men's store.

This little machine has really seen it's fair share of work. There is a lot of wear and tear on the decals and finish, and it was pretty ragged when I got it. I had the whole thing re-wired and replaced some missing and broken parts years ago, and did actually use it a little bit.

This 128 has a vibrating shuttle system instead of a bobbin. See it there under the needle plate? It looks a little like a silver bullet. If you have ever sewn with a vibrating shuttle you know that it has a much different action than a machine with a rotating hook system. And believe me when I say this machine sews LIKE BUTTER! It is absolutely amazing, and I do love sewing on this machine!

Despite the wear and tear, she is a real beauty, isn't she? Okay, so it's obvious I am keeping this machine, but it does need work before she is ready to stitch.

It is pretty dusty and dirty from not being sewn on for so many years and is in desperate need of a good oiling. The drive belt broke while it was being stored, and I think I'd like to get a few extra accessory feet, an accessory storage box, and I need to do a little work on the cover (the latch is broken and it doesn't stay on top of the base). I'll have this little guy on my work bench for the next week or so, and when she's ready I'll set her up and sew.

So there you have it, machine #2 in my collection. Next up is a Singer model 66 "Red Eye" treadle!


Michelle said…
It would be beautiful as a handcrank. Just sayin'.......
Mary Keenan said…
The colour combinations in those decals is just gorgeous! I'd be keeping it too, no question.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I am currently working on my 128 which happens to be the same year as yours and the same decals. Could you tell me what the singer serial number is on the bobbin shuttle please?
Keep up the good work, you inspire me to by more machines and keep fixing them. lol
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hi there "Anonymous", and congrats on your Singer 128! I'm not sure what the number on the shuttle is, and this machine is currently in storage. The next time I get her out of storage I'll try and get those numbers for you. If you are looking to order parts, stores usually can use the model number to look up the parts for you.
GiGa2007 said…
I can not find how will cost my Singer Machine

with "La Vencedora" Decals "D 4501200"

Can anyone help?
Unknown said…
I have the same machine. Are there instructions on how to use it? How to thread, etc.?
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hi there "Unknown" I see you also have one of these models. I suggest checking out the ISMACS (International Sewing Machine Collector's Society) page for the Singer 128 which includes a free download of the manual here:

Cheers! - Erika

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