QuiltCon Linky Party!

Wear Red Day
I just read about the QuiltCon Linky Party, yay! This party is meant to help those of us headed to QuiltCon in a few weeks get to know each other a little before hand. So, this is me above! And here's a bit more:
5 Things You Probably Already Know About Me:
  1. I love to sew!
  2. I live in Chicago with my husband, our 4 year old girl Fidget, and my ever-growing collection of vintage sewing machines.
  3. I currently work part-time from home for BERNINA USA, contributing to the WeAllSew blog and answering consumer questions at the BERNINA USA Facebook fanpage and twitter page.
  4. I started quilting when I joined the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild two years ago.
  5. My favorite color is red.
5 Things You May Not Know About Me:
  1. I once was a judge at the Annual Midwest Tribute To The King Competition.
  2. Do you know Joan Cusack's charachter in Sixteen Candles? That was totally me in high school, I had to wear a back brace from 8th grade on. Yeah.
  3. Answering the question "Where are you from?" isn't easy for me, but now that I've settled in Chicago, I have no hesitation calling this city my home (sweet home). I have also lived in Des Plaines, IL; Springfield, IL; Oak Park, IL; Makanda, IL; Carbondale, IL; Urbana, IL; Champaign, IL; Homer, IL; Rolla, MO; Portville, NY; and was born in Olean, NY.
  4. My most favorite job ever was running an arts organization complete with an art gallery, community art school, historic home and ecclectic collections of art and artifacts. If I could have magically transplanted the Springfield Art Association to Chicago, I'd probably still be working there. I do miss working with art!
  5. My sewing themed tattoo made an appearance in the recent issue of Quilty magazine! Yes, that's my arm on page 40!
Don't forget to add your linky post to the list, and I hope to meet you in person in a few weeks!


Emily said…
You arm made it into the Quilty issue?? Awesome! :)
Thanks for sharing more about you! I'll have to peek around your blog for more info about your vintage machines. I do all my piecing and quilting on my 16-91 and my Featherweight. I also just got my grandmother's treadle machine serviced and am learning to use it!

My mom and I will keep an eye out for you at the event -- in just two weeks! See you soon!
Dorie said…
Ever drive by Farmer City? I used to live there :-) Good to meet you!
Nice to meet you, too! Hope to see you in person at QuiltCon.

P.S. That's a very good-looking Bernina in your photo!
Denise said…
Loved your write-up. I'll have to check out page 40 of the Quilty - congrats!
Ha ha ha - I should my hubby that pic in Quilty and said - I know her! lol.
LOVE your hair. Have fun at Quiltcon!
Ramona said…
Thanks for stopping by Threadtime.wordpress.com! I've got to say, it sounds like you've had a couple pretty awesome jobs. Your current job with Bernina sounds pretty darn awesome. And now I have to look for your quilty tattoo!

Hope to see you at QuiltCon.

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