I'm back! And I made...

I'm back from the weekend's Chicago Modern Quilt Guild retreat! Yes, it was totally awesome. I did work on quilting, finishing a small top made from vintage Polynesian prints and practicing my free-motion quilting.

I also made this:

Foxy Scarf on fence

It's a scarf - how CUTE is this guy? This Mr. Foxy scarf was made using Colleen's DIY Fox Scarf pattern and tutorial from Prudent Baby.com.
Foxy Scarf face
I added more details, like the solid for the face, the corduroy for the little paws, nose, and tip of the tail. The plaid is repurposed from a 1960's wool Bobby Brooks pleated skirt, and I used furry polyester (like a Minky type of fabric) for his belly, back of the legs, and ears. Oh, and I made my Mr. Foxy about 12" longer than Colleen made hers.
Foxy Scarf on me
Hey, did you know it's REALLY HARD to take a photo of yourself wearing a scarf? (Yeah, I do have a tripod, but am too lazy to set it up this morning.) He is super warm and cuddly cozy, and I'm going to wear him as long as I can before Fidget adopts him for her own!


Donna said…
Can't get over how gaga some of the nuns were about this scarf. Glad I got to see this in person!
Sarah C said…
Adorable!! I must make on now.
greeblygreebly said…
Oh goodness that is just hilarious and adorable!

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