Surprise Singer 15-91

Yes, I just got another sewing machine. First, let me explain - it's not like I was actively LOOKING for another sewing machine, okay? I know, I know, I already have...ummmmmm...several. A lot. I know. But! This one was offered up to me through a friend of a friend, it needed a good home and a little TLC. 

When I picked it up, the bentwood case was locked and the key wasn't with the machine, so I had to wait until I got it home to find out what was in the case. All I knew from the friend of a friend was that this machine was a Singer, black, old, and really, really heavy. It was too big to be a 99K, so my mind was racing - what could be in there?

Surprise! It's a 15-91! And not just any 15-91, this one was manufactured in Canada and is wearing the Century of Sewing badge!
She's definitely seen a lot of action, and needed a little help getting up and running - she was missing her power cord and was seized up with hardened grease. But, she's purring like a kitten now and makes very pretty, perfect stitches. I just ordered a 1/4" foot and will be using this machine to do some quilt piecing.
And you know, the 15-91 is just about the only early 20th Century Singer classic machine that I don't own. So, yes, a total surprise - and one more for my collection!


Lisa said…
Just love old Singers!
Sharon said…
What a great find! She looks like she will be a fantastic machine. I have my eye on a handcrank 15-98 as a restoration project...but it is the dirtiest looking machine I have ever seen!
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hey Sharon, that sounds like a fabulous machine! Don't be too scared of dirt, this machine had a thick layer of dirt on it, but cleaned up beautifully. I took this machine on retreat with me over the weekend and pieced a quilt top with it - it sews beautifully!

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