Surprise Singer 15-91

Yes, I just got another sewing machine. First, let me explain - it's not like I was actively LOOKING for another sewing machine, okay? I know, I know, I already have...ummmmmm...several. A lot. I know. But! This one was offered up to me through a friend of a friend, it needed a good home and a little TLC. 

When I picked it up, the bentwood case was locked and the key wasn't with the machine, so I had to wait until I got it home to find out what was in the case. All I knew from the friend of a friend was that this machine was a Singer, black, old, and really, really heavy. It was too big to be a 99K, so my mind was racing - what could be in there?

Surprise! It's a 15-91! And not just any 15-91, this one was manufactured in Canada and is wearing the Century of Sewing badge!
She's definitely seen a lot of action, and needed a little help getting up and running - she was missing her power cord and was seized up with hardened grease. But, she's purring like a kitten now and makes very pretty, perfect stitches. I just ordered a 1/4" foot and will be using this machine to do some quilt piecing.
And you know, the 15-91 is just about the only early 20th Century Singer classic machine that I don't own. So, yes, a total surprise - and one more for my collection!


Lisa said…
Just love old Singers!
Sharon said…
What a great find! She looks like she will be a fantastic machine. I have my eye on a handcrank 15-98 as a restoration project...but it is the dirtiest looking machine I have ever seen!
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hey Sharon, that sounds like a fabulous machine! Don't be too scared of dirt, this machine had a thick layer of dirt on it, but cleaned up beautifully. I took this machine on retreat with me over the weekend and pieced a quilt top with it - it sews beautifully!
Dean Henthorn said…
I just purchased a 15-91 Centennial Made in Canada machine for $100 at an estate sale. Beautiful Black. All the decals are perfect. No signs of wear or scratches. The cord does need to be replaced due to cracking. I am confused as to the year of production, I believe it’s a 1948, not certain, however it does have the Centennial Badge. Is this correct? The serial number is JC428844. If you have information on this sewing machine, I’d appreciate a response. It didn’t have any other attachments, just the machine and the wrong cabinet. The top won’t close down because the potted motor is too tall in the opening. Thanks in advance, Dean.
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hi Dean, thanks for stopping by! Nice find on your 15-91. It looks like all JC machines from the St. John's Singer plant in Canada were made between 1948-1954, and if your model is badged with Century of Service that probably puts your machine right around 1950-51. You can find a free, downloadable manual for your machine via ISMACS here:
Cheers - Erika

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