Tool Caddy Thread Catcher

Have you ever tried to hand-sew something sitting down and ended up with a lap full of scissors, clips, needle and thread? You guys, this happens to me all the time! Loosing needles and dropping scissors on the floor - time after time- finally forced me to make myself a handy helper for hand-sewing.

It's a tool caddy on one side and a thread catcher on the other, and it drapes over the arm of a chair or couch.

And I added a little loop for holding thread snips, plus a strap near the top to hold clips.

I also put a layer of batting in between the tool caddy (behind the pocket part) which makes this a great place to stick pins and needles.

I am loving it - no more dropped tools or snips of thread all over the floor! You can find the full tutorial to make your own Tool Caddy Thread Catcher today over at WeAllSew!

Please share photos with me if you make one, I'd love to see it, tag me on Instagram!


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