Tips to Add Light to your Sewing Space

Did you know that headaches, difficulty concentrating, and neck/shoulder pain are all symptoms of eye fatigue? I had no idea until I started researching better lighting! Experts say not only should you have a bright-lit area for performing tasks such as sewing or quilting, but the room should include an even, diffused light to prevent eye strain and fatigue. It's the number one reason I painted all the walls and ceiling white in my studio, to help reflect more light all around the room.

If you're still working on the lighting situation in your sewing area, don't miss these lighting tips at BERNINA's WeAllSew blog. Plus, this post includes a chance to win an amazing Daylight Company LED Slimline Table Lamp!

I purchased one of these LED Slimline Table Lamps last fall, and it's pretty amazing.

It has a long line of super bright LED bulbs that cast a nice, even, balanced temperature of light over my whole sewing area. It's especially handy at night or on cloudy days when I don't have the bright diffused sunlight streaming in the room.

Don't miss this opportunity to win one of these lamps, friends! Follow the link to WeAllSew in the post above to enter, the contest is open through August 14th.

Happy stitching!


ctnbee said…
In my opinion, this is the biggest problem we make! Good lighting is one of the basic things. It's good that you took care of it. This is really important.

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