Sewing Table Update

I've been sewing in my updated studio for a little more than a year now! I'm still loving it, but am ready to make some fine-tuning adjustments. This weekend I tackled my sewing table, which used to be my desk when we lived downstairs. You can see it just to the left of the room there in the photo below.

Originally I planned on replacing this table in the sewing studio with something different, but it's been mostly meeting my needs.

Except when I'm quilting for long periods of time. After quilting for about an hour or so I'm experiencing really bad shoulder and upper back pain. The table is just too high for me to comfortably work with my hands and arms when quilting.

There's a few options for getting the sewing machine down lower to easy my pain, like setting the machine down in the table, or lowering the entire table.

Cutting a hole in the top of the table to set the machine in isn't really an option for me because I love to switch up the type of machine I'm sewing with often - from using vintage machines to current model BERNINA machines. I opted instead to lower the entire table, making any machine I use with it in a better position for sewing and quilting.

Here it is before modifications (by the way, it's is an Ikea dining table). You can see the table is taller than my drawers next to it, and it's taller than my red topped table I use for extra space (Isaac is sitting on it in the back there! He "helped" with this entire project).

My goal is to cut the legs shorter but also give myself some extra leg room under the front apron board of the table. So, I removed the 4 legs and the front apron board.

My super handy husband cut the legs exactly 2 3/4" shorter, and trimmed down the front apron board to allow for more leg room.

Then I just needed to put it all back together and add a few felt pads to protect the floor.

And it works fantastic! The table now sits flush with my drawers and my red topped table.

I spent some extra time over the weekend quilting with absolutely no shoulder, back, or neck pain!

Success! I'd love to know what type of table or cabinet do you sew on, and what are your tips for preventing back and shoulder pain when quilting?


I use a sewing table with a cut out. Hubby widened the cut out to fit my largest vintage machine base. It works great for me.
Erika Mulvenna said…
That's awesome Cheryl, it's so nice to have a handy hubs! Cheers! - Erika
Sewhat said…
I lucked out with Craigslist and found two cabinets (think early koala-style). Hubby cut a piece of plexiglass to go around my machine. I can sew sooo much longer without discomfort. I also found an older, more sturdy than some, typewriter table that I use occasionally for a 3rd machine.
Erika Mulvenna said…
Awesome Sewhat! Nice score on the machine cabinets. Nice to have a handy hubby, right? - Erika
Anonymous said…
What is the height of your sewing table after you took off 2 3/4"? Thank you.
Erika Mulvenna said…
Hi Anonymous, the table height is now 26 1/2" from the floor.

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