Custom Suzuki Savage

This post is totally off-subject, but I'm really proud of Tom's latest project finish! He's got a creative streak of his own rebuilding and customizing Japanese motorcycles.

In a normal year he'd be showing-off his latest build at shows throughout the Midwest, but things being what they are in 2020, this bike hasn't traveled any farther than our garage. So I thought I'd show it off a bit for him. ;)

This custom started off as a 1996 Suzuki Savage. I watched this bike get completely torn apart down to the last nut and bolt over the past three years by Tom and Tim, AKA T&T Garage, as they worked some custom garage magic on this bike.

Tom is really inspired by early Japanese motorcycles, like the Honda Dream D-Type. You can see that inspiration in this build, it's got simplified lines, it's clean and no-nonsense, and totally beautiful. 

The frame was customized to a hard-tail.

Brakes customized to a single brake pedal that actuates both front and rear brakes.

Custom leaf spring seat with minimal hardware.

Custom exhaust with leg guard.

Internal throttle, belt drive replaced with a chain drive, and a simple design with electrical wires hidden in the frame or under the tank. Oh, and that tank isn't original, it's from a 1979 Kawasaki KZ650.

Congratulations Tom, it's a really beautifully built bike! I can't wait to see this bike out and about next year.


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