It's Time

I've been working in one capacity or another for BERNINA of America since 2005! I started in the offices as an Executive Administrative Professional, worked for a bit as an Educator, and was honored to help the company start the very first Facebook Fan Page and Blog.

2007 BERNINA Blog inaugural staff, Jo Leichte and Erika Mulvenna

I assisted BERNINA through adding new channels to their social media portfolio, from Twitter to Pinterest to Instagram. (Although the BERNINA Twitter account went away many years ago.)

2012 BERNINA Inaugural Social Media Team, Jo Leichte, Erika Mulvenna, and Alice Voss-Kantor

As BERNINA of America's Social Media Coordinator and Blog Content Manager/Content Editor, I saw all of the corporate social media channels and blog grow exponentially over the past 10+ years, and it became apparent that the part-time position I started in so many years ago really needed a full-time manager. And this is when I knew the time was right for me to make a change.

As of December 2020 I am officially "unemployed," having passed-on the BERNINA social media torch to my full-time successor.

It's time to return to what I love in the new year, making art and passing on my love of sewing and creating through teaching. This is a bittersweet transition, I'll miss many of the BERNINA family I've worked hard with over the years. And I'm pretty anxious about making the transition to being self-employed in the coming year. But it's time.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been following along with what I'm making and doing on my personal blog, and I plan on sharing more of my work and sewing adventures here.

Let's look forward to a most prosperous, happy, and healthy 2021 together!


Teri said…
Congratulations Erika! May this new journey be fun, and exciting!
Cindy said…
Congratulations! I'm so impressed with everything you accomplished while at Bernina. I'm sure your self-employment will reap much success and happiness.
Good luck with the transition to self-employment.

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