Color Block Apron Tutorial

Yesterday I revisited one of my older, free project tutorials made for the WeAllSew blog, and used it to create this sunshiny color-blocked apron. Click to here to find the DIY Log Cabin Patchwork Apron tutorial.

I love the warm yellows surrounding the orange-red rectangle, it reminds me of an early morning sunrise.

The original apron was made with scraps of prints I had in my stash at the time (this was over 8 years ago!). I made a few simple changes to the tutorial this time around.

I used scraps from my solids bin, but ended up having to piece together some of the outside bright yellow fabric to make it work. You can see the extra seams looking up close, but I think it still works.

You can really see all the seams when I put the apron in the kitchen window. Kinda looks like a stained glass window here!

I also noticed this time around that I needed to trim a bit every now and then (like super small amounts, 1/8" to 1/4" here and there) to make the edges straight to sew the next piece - it's very possible my tutorial measurements are a squinch off.

The original tutorial includes a backing to the apron, but I deleted the backing and added top stitching to hold all the seams down in place. The edges will fray a little bit, but the topstitching will keep the seams from fraying so much that they come unstitched.

I'm loving it, looks great in my kitchen!

Find the free tutorial linked ⬆⬆⬆ at the top of the post to make your own color block apron. Enjoy!


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