Which Sewing Machine Needle To Use?


Something as simple as a tiny needle can have a huge impact on your sewing project. Choosing the right sewing machine needle to pair with the type of project you are sewing, and the thread type/weight you are sewing with will affect your sewing machine's stitch quality.

The wrong needle - or even a needle that's dulled or damaged - can create skipped or missed stitches and issues with tension that may result in one of those rats nests of thread under the needle plate.

And there are so many different kinds of sewing machine needles available these days, you might be wondering, "Which sewing machine needle should I use?"

I compiled an informative article over at the WeAllSew blog to help you answer this question!

You'll also find a handy free, downloadable needle guide in the post (see a sample in the photo above) to reference at anytime. Find my post All About Sewing Machine Needles here.

I am primarily sewing patchwork and quilting, and I use Microtex or Sharps for piecing and patchwork, and Quilting needles for - you got it - quilting. I like to use both Schmets brand and BERNINA brand needles, they are both high-quality and tend to last through whatever project I am sewing without breaking/dulling.

Other than choosing the right needle for your sewing job, my best tip is to use a needle holder to help insert a needle into your sewing machine.

A needle holder makes it easy to remove a needle without it dropping down into the needle plate, and helps you push a new needle in all the way while leaving your other hand free to tighten the needle holder screw.

There are lots of similar tools available in your local sewing shop, like this really nice needle threader/grabber that you can purchase through your local BERNINA store. I use a minigrabber manufactured for electronics that is perfect for picking up and inserting needles. I've also seen similar tools online at other sewing outlets, so if you want to try one you should be able to find a needle grabber without problems.


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