Rainbow Ally Quilt Tutorial


Today is Flag Day here in the USA, when we celebrate the anniversary of the first Continental Congress formally adopting an official American flag on July 14, 1777.

I personally believe that the American flag applies to ALL Americans, not just those that look like me or have the same religious (or non-religious) outlook on life. Obviously, at this point in our history, we have a long way to go to realize equal rights for all of our US Citizens.

While recently learning about how to best support my LGBTQ+ friends and family, I learned about this version of a Pride Flag , the Straight Ally Pride Flag, which first appeared in the 2000s. This flag combines the rainbow of the LGBTQ+ flag with black and white heterosexual colors. Being a good ally means a lot more than just flying a flag, and in support of my friends and family in the LGBTQ+ community I’m learning how to be a good supporter.

I'm sharing a free tutorial to make this mini-ally quilt at WeAllSew.com, and I’ll lead you through all the steps to make this mini quilt in two parts. 🌈


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