NEW Spring Classes and Workshops

Here's a handful of new opportunities to learn with me this spring! Color theory classes are up top, scroll down to see several sewing/quilting/garment technique classes including a rad OPEN SEW hosted by yours truly at the Evanston Art Center (come sew with me!!!).

Color Theory Workshops

Quilting with Value & Hue

Sew on Central, Evanston IL
Saturday, April 6th, 2-5 Click HERE to register or learn more!

This is a fun, playful one-day workshop created to help quilters work better with value (light or dark) and hue (dominant color) in fabric combinations. Using the elements of value and hue can help create interesting patterns, depth, and illusions in quilting. We'll explore these basic concepts with hands-on exercises and create two or more colorful value-based quilt blocks demonstrating the techniques. This workshop will introduce you to the illusion of transparency in quilting: how to create blocks with value and hue.

The Art of Seeing Color

Evanston Art Center, Evanston IL
Saturday, April 27th 10-3 Click here to register or learn more!

This is the perfect workshop if you're interested in learning more about color theory or expanding your ideas about color! In this one-day workshop, learn how modern theories about color are influenced by historic ideas, and how to find your own personal appreciation for experiencing and using color. Each concept discussed in class is followed up with exercises, experiments, and class discussion, using colored papers provided by the instructor to create concrete examples for you to take home and study. You will leave the workshop with multiple completed examples and enough extra colored paper to create your own color studies at home.

Sewing/Quilting Classes

Intro to Patchwork Quilting

Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL
10-week class beginning March 28th, click here for dates/times and registration.

Learn the creative art of patchwork quilting. Sew quilt block samples of traditional and modern quilt blocks in class, and finish your blocks into a mini-quilt sampler. Master the skills of cutting fabric with a rotary cutter and ruler, machine stitching precise patchwork, simple machine quilting stitches, and finishing the edges of a quilt. Prerequisite: must be confident using a sewing machine independently. Learn on your own sewing machine or use a basic machine provided by the Evanston Art Center.

Creative Sewing Machine Fundamentals

Evanston Art Center, Evanston IL
5-week class beginning March 27, click here for times/dates and to register.

My approach to teaching beginners is focused on skill-building and techniques for using a sewing machine successfully. The EAC is an ideal place to learn with smaller class sizes that allow for more personal time with students. Learn to use a sewing machine from winding a bobbin and threading the machine to troubleshooting common issues. Learn about sewing woven and knit fabric, making and finishing seams, and creating embellishments with stitches as you complete a tote bag and infinity scarf in class.

Garment Making Basics NEW CLASS!

Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL
5-week class beginning May 1st, click here for dates/times and to register.

In this NEW class, learn the most used basic garment sewing techniques! If you are ready to tackle sewing clothing but are intimidated by zippers, buttonholes, or bindings, this is the course for you! Each day in class is dedicated to exploring a basic garment sewing technique from types of seams to zippers and buttonholes to finishing touches. Students will sew examples of each technique in class to take home and reference when stitching your next garment.

Open Sew with Erika Mulvenna NEW CLASS!

Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL
10-week class starting March 29th, click here for dates/times and to register.

Come sew with me at the Evanston Art Center! Bring any unfinished or new sewing/quilting project with you to class, and work towards finishing in a fun and encouraging environment with others. The environment will be totally chill, and snacks are of course allowed. Fiber Artist and educator Erika Mulvenna hosts the group and offers expert advice covering almost any sewing or quilting technique you may encounter.


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