HELLO Australasian Quilt Convention!


A big HELLO to the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, Australia! I'm excited to share my quilt "For Mom" with the convention as part of the worldwide traveling exhibit, Selections from QuiltCon.

If you're sharing pics from the show on Instagram please snap a quickie of "For Mom" for me, I'd love to get a peek at this quilt in the show!

I made this memory quilt specifically for my mum using shirts and jeans from my stepfather after he passed away. I posted about the making of this quilt on my blog over here if you'd like to read about the process.

I made this quilt 100% as a gift, a throw quilt meant to be used and loved by my mum with good memories of her husband. Last year when I was helping mum downsize to move into a smaller apartment she had this quilt in the "give-away" pile and let me know she didn't want to keep it; I just took it right back home with me.

I'm super relieved that I was able to grab this quilt back before it was given away! I posted about the situation on Instagram and a fellow quilter suggested that I enter the quilt in QuiltCon and was honored to have this quilt as part of the February show.

And I couldn't be happier to see "For Mom" have the chance to travel around the world, thanks so much for stopping by!


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