Make a Yo-yo Flower!

I spent most of the past week nursing my sick toddler K, who's come down with an intestinal flu bug. Poor little girl! But I did manage to put together a tutorial for those yo-yo flowers I blogged about last week to share with you!

Make a yo-yo flower!

Materials (for making one flower)
To learn how to make fabric yo-yo's, visit Heather Bailey's awesome tutorial!
  • Two finished yo-yo's of different size (this flower uses one 3" and one 2" yo-yo)
  • One or two small scraps of green felt
  • One 1" shank button
  • One 1/2" 2-holed button
  • One 16" piece of green floral wire (or any other bendable wire that will fit through the buttons)
  • One small pair of snips/sharp scissors
Get ready, get set, and go!

Gather your materials together. Cut the felt into one or two rectangles the length of your largest fabric yo-yo.

Using the snips or sharp scissors, cut a small slit in the center back of each yo-yo.

Cut the rectangle(s) of felt into leaf shapes, wider at one end and tapering to a point at the other. Then cut a small slit near the bottom end of each leaf.

Thread the wire through the hole in the shank button, centering the button in the middle of the piece of wire. Pinch the wire together once the button is centered.

Start with the smallest fabric yo-yo, and with the front of the yo-yo facing the button, thread the wire through the slit in the middle. Next, thread the larger yo-yo on the wire and then the felt leaves.

Push all the layers together towards the shank button; look, it's a flower!

Thread the two-holed button on the wire; each piece of wire going through one hole in the button. Push it down against the felt leaves. Twist the ends of the wire together tightly against the flat button.

Continue twisting the wire ends together all the way to the bottom, creating the stem to finish the flower.

Hey, that's all there is to it! Once you have your yo-yo's ready to go, it really takes no time at all to turn them into a beautiful bunch of flowers. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Feel free to follow this tutorial for personal use, but please don't use any of my photos or tutorials without my permission. Thanks!


Kimberly said…
Those looks great. Thanks for posting the tutorial.
Amie Plumley said…
OK, i love this - we will have to make them during Sewing Club - I think they are kid-friendly, don't you? Thanks for your comment on my Sewing School blog- it's always fun to find new friends!
Maria said…
Thanks for the tutorial. These are so cute.

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