Making Memories With Quilts

When my mom was ready, I cleaned out my late stepfather's closet and took all the cotton dress shirts and pants to make quilts for the family. The first one I made was for Fidget so she could have a little memory of Grandpa to cuddle with.

I decided to use big 12" finished blocks in a simple geometric pattern for Fidget's quilt, and sketched up some ideas for Fidget. She chose a basic quarter-square design in a random pattern, and selected her favorites from Grandpa's shirts to make her quilt.

I shared the process for making Fidget's quilt at BERNINA's WeAllSew blog, including how to prepare clothing for yardage in making quilts. Find links below to the three-part series.

I hope you get inspired to try making a quilt from clothing, even if it's some of your own!

We're getting ready for our little family memorial gathering at the end of the week to honor my stepfather. Our whole family is busy cleaning house and getting the yard ready for our socially-distanced outdoor party. I'm looking forward to seeing family and remembering my stepfather, he was an absolute character! From telling stories about his days studying Karate and earning a brown belt in the 70's to his funny anecdotes about being a kid, he will definitely be missed. In his last few years he never missed an opportunity to tell me how proud he was of me and what I've accomplished, and how much he loved Fidget.

Hold your family tight, and if you're socially distancing make sure to see them via screen time soon. Be safe and stay well!


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