WTF Quilt Acquisitioned by the International Quilt Museum

I'm very honored to announce that the WTF quilt is going to a new home at the International Quilt Museum's new Modern Quilt Collection! 

Making this quilt was a way to stay sane during the craziness that was 2020. It was definitely a learning experience as this was my first word-focused quilt. You can read a bit more about the process here if you're interested.

We've enjoyed the quilt (especially Isaac ⬆), and it was really special to have the quilt displayed earlier this year at QuiltCon 2022. I think some may have been shocked by the profanity, or liked it but were afraid to post photos of this quilt on their social media, but there were a few who shared photos and definitely felt the WHAT THE FUCK down in their bones.

I'm so humbled that the good folks at the IQM were excited about this quilt enough to want to add it to the collection, and I know the quilt will be in good hands. If you're not familiar with the IQM, this museum is dedicated to building a global collection and audience focused on quilts of all kinds. The current International Quilt Museum collection includes quilts from the 1700's to the present day representing multiple cultures and countries. And the museum is a dedicated leader in the field of quilt studies, offering Fellowships and Graduate Programs. 

The Modern Quilt Collection is a newly designated collection at the museum, from the IQM website,

"In February of 2021, the Museum established the Modern Quilt Collection as a way to enhance the Museum’s already burgeoning Modern Quilt collection and to capture the history and influence of this movement while it is happening. Additions to the new collection will be made through the purchase of pieces that are integral to or representative of the Modern Quilt Movement’s various aesthetic and conceptual approaches. The establishment of the Modern Quilt Collection at the IQM was made possible through a generous gift from the Robert and Ardis James Foundation."

I finished documenting the quilt with some photos today, and am packing it up to go to the museum this week. I plan on making a small run of pins featuring the quilt to celebrate, and I'll post when that happens in case you want a little piece of WTF!


rowleygray said…
Congratulations! The quilt is timely in so many ways!
Anonymous said…
That's great, congratulations! Love the quilt. But it's 'acquited' 😁

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